Bugeye Size Guide

Our fly masks are available in 11 standard sizes however we can custom make to your requirements for an additional charge (due to the extra time required to make alterations to our patterns).

Please refer to our Measuring Guide below for instructions on how to take measurements for a custom Bugeye.

fly mask bugeye size guide

Measuring Guide
  1. Length of nose flap: measure from top of noseband to desired length. Keep in mind if it is too long it may flip up while your horse is grazing.
  2. Width of nose flap: measure from centre seam to desired width (this width will be doubled)
  3. Gullet: measure from gullet, around behind ears to starting point.
  4. Poll to noseband: measure from centre of poll to start of noseband.
  5. Noseband: measure around the head where the noseband would sit.
Buggez Bugeye Measuring guide


Buglegs size guide

Sold as a set of 2 or 4.

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