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NEW FORMULA Wound Wax is a honey and beeswax-based salve for horse and dog owners to treat simple, superficial wounds and grazes using the gentle healing power of honey, minus the mess.

Equine veterinarian Dr Thomas Hamilton wanted to offer horse and dog owners an alternative to synthetic and corticosteroid creams for the treatment of superficial wounds and grazes, so he created Wound Wax.

Made in Western Australia using honey and beeswax sourced from local apiaries, Wound Wax is a proudly Western Australian owned brand.

Honey has been used to treat horses’ wounds for centuries, now it is available in an easy-to-use salve without all the mess.

Use as a topical application to cuts, grazes and minor wounds that don’t require veterinary attention but do benefit from correct management to promote healing and reduce scarring.


HONEY: Adheres to the skin to form a wound dressing that reduces or prevents contamination, while allowing the body’s own inflammatory exudates to remain in contact with the wound.

BEES WAX: Forms a non-greasy protective barrier that keeps water and dirt out without drying the wound.

COCONUT & OLIVE OIL: Provides nourishment and moisture to support natural healing.


Remove crust and debris from the affected area.

Dry wound bed prior to applying Wound Wax.

If irritation occurs cease using the product and seek veterinary advice.


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