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Skinny Hood COB SIZE – Abracadabra, berry metallic trim

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Cob size skinny hood with a beautiful Abracadara print.

Our skinny hoods are crafted from our own unique pattern we drafted ourselves to ensure the best fit possible for your horse. Features large eye holes, our Bugeye head and shaped with horses anatomy in mind. Our skinny hoods are held in place with our Belly Band: a band that goes underneath the stomach (where a girth would sit) and attaches via a generous velcro strip. Made from quality four way stretch Lycra for ultimate comfort and fits like a second skin.

Skinny hoods are perfect for show preparation, holding plaits in overnight, protecting the mane from heavy winter hoods rubbing it and laying the coat down smooth.
Skinny hoods also offer great protection against biting insects and the suns harmful UV rays.

What makes our Skinny Hoods great?

  • Our handcrafted pattern we drafted ourselves offers the perfect fit
  • Large eye holes ensuring adequate eye clearance and minimises the chance of rubbing or irritation
  • Reinforced ear holes for added strength
  • Our Bugeye head-shape offers the best fit to prevent movement
  • Made from quality four way stretch lycra for your horse’s comfort
  • Belly band made from lycra to prevent rubbing your horse’s sensitive girth area
  • Generous drop to ensure shoulder coverage
  • Australian made with quality and durable materials

Care Instructions:

Cold, hand wash with a gentle detergent compatible with your horse’s skin
Do not bleach, soak, wring or tumble dry
As with all horse products, we recommend removing the Skinny Hood and checking them on a regular basis.