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Mini size Fairy Floss, light pink trim NO MESH

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Your horses comfort and protection is our number one priority.

We only use the best quality four way stretch Spandex which ensures that your mask will fit like a second skin making it impossible for flies and insects to crawl under the mask or bite through the spandex.

You can add your choice of nose and ear protection, including our renowned Nose Skirt for the best sun protection for your horse’s nose, to customise to your horse’s individual needs.

Our face masks are perfect to add a bit of colour in the arena or course. Used by trick riders, gymkhana teams, 4-H speed teams and more to create a cohesive look for your group.

What makes our face masks great?

– Our unique pattern is anatomically shaped
– Adjustable elastic gullet to ensure the perfect fit
– No straps that rub
– No Velcro to create pressure points
– Noseband for added strength
– available in 11 sizes
– hand crafted in Western Australia

If your horse needs further protection but you’re not sure which options to choose, see our Product Information