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Full size Snuggle Bug Hood – Electric Sketch with Purple Fleece

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The ultimate winter hood for your horse

We know how challenging it can be to maintain a healthy mane over winter. Traditional hoods can add unnecessary heat to the mane and seams can cause friction resulting in hair breakage.

We have created the perfect winter hood made with our premium arctic fleece to add a layer of warmth, a spandex neck panel to keep your horses mane smooth, minimise tangles and hair loss, while our unique spandex head adds a light layer of warmth and keeps the hood in the perfect position.

Our snuggle bug hoods feature:

  • Premium, 320gsm Arctic polar fleece to keep your horse warm.
  • Lycra mane panel to prevent overheating the mane and minimise rubbing.
  • Anatomically correct horse head shape for ultimate comfort.
  • Our handcrafted pattern we drafted ourselves offers the perfect fit.
  • No bulky, uncomfortable seams along the top of the neck keeping your horse’s mane in top condition.
  • Zip closure from gullet to chest to make rugging/unrugging effortless.
  • Generous drop to ensure shoulder coverage.
  • Lycra belly band to prevent rubbing your horse’s sensitive girth area.
  • Heavy duty velcro belly band closure to keep in place.
  • No clips around the belly band to create pressure points or make your horse uncomfortable.
  • Handmade in Western Australia with quality, durable materials.

Care Instructions:

Cold, hand wash with a gentle detergent compatible with your horse’s skin
Do not bleach, soak, wring or tumble dry
As with all horse products, we recommend removing the Snuggle Bug Hood and checking them on a regular basis.


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