Equivizor Standard Fly Mask – Mini size

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Designed with 3 strategically located darts across the forehead which creates a “Vizor” made from a soft UV proof EVA lining and a UV proof PVC mesh. It lifts and extends the mask up and prevents it from collapsing on the eyes. This combined use of EVA lining and PVC mesh not only helps avoid eye injuries but also increases the overall UV protection. The combined use of these two materials also insulates the forehead from the heat of the sun and increases shade and ventilation to the eyes.

A first of its kind Quick Release Clip System features two adjustable straps (one over the poll behind the ears and one under the throat) along with a Velcro strap under the chin. This not only creates greater size adjustability to help fit your horse better, but also helps to prevent your horse from removing their mask. Safety is also built in as these are break-away clips should an emergency happen.

Care Instructions
1. Rinse out with hose and allow to air dry.
2. Wash on Delicate cycle or Hand Wash Only.
3. Air Dry Only (Do not use in dryer).

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black, dark purple, light blue, light purple, navy, sky plaid


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