Equivizor Recovery Vizor & Fly Mask Jacket

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The Equivizor Recovery Vizor offers superior protection

After Eye Surgery, Eye Injury/Wounds, Uveitis, Corneal Ulcer, Eye Cancer, Cataracts, Photo-Sensitivity, Glaucoma, Habitual Eye Scratching, Head-Shaking Syndrome, Blindness or Horse with Vision in Only One Eye.
The clear version is made of a 92% UV Tinted PVC material. The dark version is 90% UV Tinted with a 30% greater shade factor.
Made of Heavyweight PVC to Stand Up to Weather, Rubbing and Rolling
Will Not Collapse onto the Eyes, Even While Rolling or Rubbing
Makes Applying Eye Medication Easier and Faster
Provides a Full Field of Vision and Stays Securely in Place

Includes Matching Fly Mask Jacket to Wear Over the Recovery Vizor as Needed

Suitable for Use in Stall, Paddock or When Riding
Secured Using a Quick-Release Safety Clip System
Sherpa lining against the horse’s face around the vizor helps to provide additional comfort.
Used While Trailering to Prevent Eye Injury from Wind, Dust and Debris
Used by Multi-State Mounted Police Units for Riot Protection
The Recovery Vizor come in 5 sizes from Mini to X-Large (Draft). Ensuring your horse has the correct size is KEY to getting the most benefits out of the product.

Wash with mild liquid soap, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Do NOT soak it in a solution or the clear Vizor will absorb the coloUr turning it cloudy.
The Recovery Vizor will inevitably scratch over time. How much really depends on the activity level of your horse and their environment. It is better the Vizor takes the bump and scratches than your horse’s eyes
Cold Weather: Temperatures below zero may result in cracking of the Vizor. The material will stiffen in colder weather when not on your horse. Simply use a hair dryer or safely leave in the front of a heater for a couple of minutes to soften and reshape prior to putting on your horse.

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