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Deluxe Scissor Set – Black

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The Deluxe Scissor Set is a beautiful collection of grooming and plaiting scissors, perfect for show preparation.


  • Straight Scissors
  • Thinning Scissors
  • Curved Scissors
  • Metal Comb
  • Zip up case to store and protect the styling tools.

Straight Scissors: These beautifully sharp scissors are perfect for trimming tails as well as manes and for when you’re plaiting as well. Straight blades to ensure a perfectly straight line.

Thinning Scissors: with a standard blade on one side and thinning teeth on the other. Makes these scissors perfect for thinning manes.

Curved Scissors: Curved blades with rounded ends to minimise the risk of harming your pet while grooming. Ideal for trimming hair on horse’s fetlocks, around the face and much more. Made from good quality stainless steel.

All scissors come with a Tensioning Screw & Gel Grip. Easily adjust the tension of your scissors to give you that perfect cut every time. The gel grips will give you more control with your scissors, however they are easily removed if you prefer them without.

Metal Comb: This strong, lightweight metal comb is the perfect aid for when you’re plaiting, banding & braiding. Strong but fine teeth make sectioning the mane quick and easy.

Keep your scissors and combs protected and store them with ease in their zip up case.


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