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Buglegs Size 7 (Larger Cob/Full) – SET OF TWO White/black trim

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Australian made fly boot alternative that allows maximum air flow whilst protecting your horses legs from flies and biting insects. Australian made mesh provides 99.98% UV rating from the suns harmful UV rays.

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Now there is no need to strap traditional fly boots on to your horses legs, Buglegs are the superior option.
No rubbing. No chafing. No added heat on your horses legs.

Why choose Buglegs?

  • Designed to sit away from the leg allowing maximum air flow
  • Does not add heat to your horses legs
  • Prevents leg fatigue and hoof cracks from constant stomping
  • Protects wounds from flies and other insects, aiding in recovery
  • Prevents bot fly eggs being laid on your horses legs
  • Protects legs from the sun’s harmful UV rays with 99%UV rated mesh
  • Australian made with quality and durable materials

What makes our Buglegs great?

  • Made from Australian-sourced, chemical-free mesh with the highest UV rating possible
  • Extra heavy duty velcro tabs at top and bottom to ensure they maintain grip and stay fastened
  • Velcro strip sitting behind the leg to ensure the Buglegs stay closed
  • Each Bugleg has unique “stays” holding them in position and to prevent sagging
  • Double layer of mesh and reinforced stitching around the fetlock for durability and added strength
  • Lycra binding at the top and bottom for comfort, particularly to prevent rubbing at the coronet band, with a pop of colour
  • We spent over three years researching, trialling and improving our design, working closely with numerous customers and adjusting according to feedback to create the perfect leg protection without compromising your horses comfort, released our unequalled design in 2019.
  • Set of two

How do I fit the Buglegs to my horses legs?

1. Secure the bottom velcro tab firmly so the boot sits at the coronet band
2. Secure the top velcro tab
3. Move the velcro closure to the back of the leg

Care Instructions:

Do not machine wash – simply wipe over with a damp cloth.
As with all horse products, we recommend removing the Buglegs and checking them on a regular basis.

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