Bugeyes are made from quality four way stretch Lycra (spandex) and our unique pattern has an elasticated gullet to ensure the perfect fit. As they are designed to fit like a second skin, they do not rub or create pressure points and flies and insects are unable to crawl under the mask or bite through the lycra.
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Buglegs protect your horses legs from flies and biting insects with minimal contact and plenty of air flow, making them the best fly boot alternative.

With our extreme heat and myriad of biting insects, we needed a solution to offer relief to our horses. We spent years researching, designing and product testing, ensuring your horses comfort and relief.

Available in 8 sizes, find out more about our Buglegs

Skinny Hoods

Whether you are using skinny hoods to hold your plaits in place this show season or to protect your horse from harmful UV rays, flies and insect bites, Buggez Skinny Hoods has your horse covered.

Made from quality four way stretch Lycra for your horses comfort. We have developed our own unique pattern featuring large eye holes, unique Bugeye head and Velcro belly bands (that goes under the stomach where a girth would sit). This design ensures optimum comfort and fit for your horse.

Other Products available

To complement our range we also offer Tail Bags and Helmet Covers. We periodically release limited edition products which change seasonally.

Washing our products

To maintain the life of the product, we recommend following the below care instructions:

    Cold, hand wash with a gentle detergent that is compatible with your horses skin
    Do not bleach, soak, wring or tumble dry
    – Do not iron or dry clean.

* UV ratings are current as at 27 December 2019. Please note these may vary due to suppliers’ availability.