Cob Hoods

Our skinny hoods are made from quality four way stretch Lycra for your horses comfort and are perfect to hold your plaits in place this show season or for everyday use.We have developed our own unique pattern featuring large eye holes and our unique Bugeye head, ensuring optimum fit for your horse. Our skinny hoods are held in place with our Belly Band: a band that goes underneath the stomach (where a girth would sit) and attaches via a velcro strip.

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navy-royal-fleece-stars-snuggle-bug-winter-fleece-hood-for-horses-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
watchtower-lycra-spandex-stretch-bib-for-horses-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
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blue-lightning-skinny-hood-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
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skinny-hood-for-horses-cherry-hibiscus-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
mandala-horse-lycra-skinny-hood-with-belly-band-for-horses-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
zebra skinny hood with belly band buggez bugeyes Quick View
electric-sketch-purple-snuggle-bug-winter-fleece-hood-for-horses-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
kaleidoscope-lime-snuggle-bug-winter-fleece-hood-for-horses-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
blue-dust-navy-fleece-snuggle-bug-winter-hood-for-horses-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
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skulls-roses-red-trim-horse-pony-skinny-hood-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
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