Buglegs protect your horses legs from flies and biting insects with minimal contact and plenty of air flow, making them the best fly boot alternative.


With our extreme Australian heat and myriad of biting insects, we needed a solution to offer relief to our horses. We spent years researching, designing and product testing, ensuring your horses comfort and relief.

Buglegs are designed to sit away from the leg, made from durable 99% UV rated mesh. Featuring our contoured shape, heavy duty velcro closures, Lycra trim at the coronet band and 2 upright supports to prevent sagging. Simply secure the bottom Velcro, then the top. Ensure the Velcro fastenings are at the back of the legs.

Why choose Buglegs?

– Available in 8 sizes
– Prevents leg fatigue and hoof cracks from constant stomping
– Eliminates botfly eggs from being laid.
– Protects wounds from pesky insects, aiding in recovery.
– Protects from the suns harmful rays with 99% UV rated mesh
– Allows air to circulate and does not add heat to your horses legs.
– Easy to clean, simply wipe over with a damp cloth. Do not machine wash.

Buglegs are stylish and functional, the perfect alternative to the traditional strap on fly boot.

To ensure the correct fit, measure your horses coronet band and refer to our size guide below. If your horse is in between sizes, choose the larger size.


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