Full Bugeye Fly Masks with Insect Eye Mesh

Our Bugeye fly masks are the most comfortable mask your horse will ever wear. We created our own, unique pattern made from quality four way stretch Lycra/Spandex and features an elasticated gullet to ensure the perfect fit.

Our Insect eye mesh is 74% UV rated and is similar to the mesh found in household windows or a flyscreen door. Insect mesh offers great visibility and is perfect for riding in.

Want to know more about our Bugeye fly masks and our nose, ear and other options? See our Bugeye information

Build your perfect fly mask

You can customise any of our masks – additional options, nose and ear protection can be added by clicking on the Bugeye photo which will take you to the product page to select additions before adding to cart.

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running-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
sweetie-horse-fly-mask-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
purple-lightning-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fairy-floss-light-pink-trim-lycra-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
wild-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
cactus-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
buggez-bugeyes-fly-veil-red-tartan-74%-uv-mesh-eyes Quick View
green-lightning-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
summer-burst-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
hippie-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
lycra-fly-mask-cupcakes-up-to-90%-uv-eye-mesh-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
aztec-horse-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
pink-lightning-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fly-mask-strawberry-sundae-australian-made-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fly-veil-bronc-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
Wonder Woman Fly mask Quick View
lycra-fly-veil-boho-dream-74%-uv-mesh-eyes-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fly-veil-yellowstone-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
lycra-fly-mask-sombrero-up-to-90%-uv-eye-mesh-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fly-veil-eden-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fly-veil-tiara-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
lycra-fly-mask-blue-dust-up-to-90%-uv-eye-mesh-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
lycra-fly-mask-orange-ink-up-to-90%-uv-eye-mesh-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
night-garden-antique-gold-metallic-trim-horse-fly-mask-74%-uv-insect-mesh-buggez-bugeye Quick View
Rip aqua trim 90 uv fly mask buggez bugeyes Quick View
fly-veil-74%-uv-black-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
stained-glass-buggez-bugeye-fly-mask-australian-made Quick View
jasmine-lilac-metallic-trim-horse-fly-mask-74%-uv-insect-mesh-buggez-bugeye Quick View
navy-sunflowers-buggez-bugeye-fly-mask-australian-made Quick View
fly-veil-zebra-90%-uv-mesh Quick View
fly-veil-cow-74%-uv-mesh Quick View