Large Mini size Bugeyes with 90% UV Soft Mesh

Made from quality four way stretch Lycra/spandex and our unique pattern has an elasticated gullet to ensure the perfect fit.

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harmony-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
purple-lightning-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
blue-lightning-lycra-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
lycra-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-taylor-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
buggez-bugeyes-fly-veil-moon-stars-74%-uv-mesh-eyes Quick View
lycra-fly-mask-orange-ink-up-to-90%-uv-eye-mesh-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
fly-veil-zebra-90%-uv-mesh Quick View
lycra-horse-fly-mask-up-to-90%-uv-jewel-buggez-bugeyes Quick View
Quick View
fly-veil-wattle-90%-uv-mesh Quick View
navy-sunflowers-buggez-bugeye-fly-mask-australian-made Quick View
fly-veil-cow-74%-uv-mesh Quick View
Quick View
fly-mask-silver-unicorn-90%-uv-mesh Quick View
fly-mask-disco-90%-uv-mesh Quick View