Tail bags are a great way to keep your horses tail clean and free from dirt, hay and sticks and minimise tangles. Whether you’ve got an event coming up or just chasing a long, lush and healthy tail for your horse, using one of our tail bags is sure to help you reach your #tailgoals.

Tail bags are available in two types: tie in and plait in. Tie in tail bags are the “standard”, one sleeve covering the whole tail, while a Plait in tail bag is made from three sleeves.
tie in tail bag with faux leather tassels and plait in tail bag comparison

Some care tips to consider, especially when using a tail bag:

  • To encourage tail growth and minimise breakages, only use a wide tooth plastic comb and brush no more than twice a week (the more brushing, the more hair loss).
  • Do not braid immediately after washing as braiding wet hair can damage the hair and cause breakages.
  • Brush the dry hair smooth before starting. If needed, use a detangling spray sparingly.
  • When plaiting, hold the strands high as you cross over to keep tension on your plait and pull the hair gently snug (not tight) as you braid.

Tie in Tail bag instructions

tie in tail bag instructions

Method One

pictured above
1. Plait your horse’s tail, starting below the dock and secure.
2. Slide tail into the tail bag and thread one tie from the back through the plait and secure with the front tie.

Method Two

1. Secure the tail below the dock using an elastic band (at least 2cm below the dock for your horse’s safety)
2. Slide tail into the tail bag and thread one tie from the back through the tail above the elastic and secure with the front tie.

Plait in Tail bag instructions

plait in tail bag instructions
1. Divide your horse’s tail into three even sections (Optional: Plait each section).
2. Put each of the three sections/plaits into the fabric tubes, then plait the three tubes together and secure at the bottom or thread excess tubing back up through the plait then tie/secure.


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