Measure your horses coronet band and refer to our size guide.


Do not machine wash – simply wipe over with a damp cloth.

As with all horse products, we recommend removing the Buglegs and checking them on a regular basis

Why strap on a traditional fly boot if you don’t have to?

With our extreme Australian heat, myriad of biting insects and damaging UV rays, we needed a solution to offer relief to our horses. We spent years researching, designing and product testing, ensuring your horses comfort and relief, releasing our unequalled design in 2019.

Buglegs are designed to sit away from the leg, made from durable 99.98% UV rated mesh. Featuring our contoured shape, heavy duty velcro closures, Lycra trim at the coronet band and upright supports to prevent sagging. Simply secure the bottom Velcro, then the top. Ensure the Velcro fastenings are at the back of the legs.

Why choose Buglegs?

– Designed to sit away from the leg allowing maximum air flow
– Does not add heat to your horses legs
– Prevents leg fatigue and hoof cracks from constant stomping
– Protects wounds from flies and other insects, aiding in recovery
– Prevents bot fly eggs being laid on your horses legs
– Protects legs from the sun’s harmful UV rays with up to 99.98% UV rated mesh
– Made with quality and durable materials

– We make 8 sizes

What makes our Buglegs great?

– Made from chemical-free mesh with the highest UV rating possible
– Extra heavy duty velcro tabs at top and bottom to ensure they maintain grip and stay fastened
– Velcro strip sitting behind the leg to ensure the Buglegs stay closed
– Each Bugleg has unique “stays” holding them in position and to prevent sagging
– Double layer of mesh and reinforced stitching around the fetlock for durability and added strength
– Binding at the top and bottom for comfort, particularly to prevent rubbing at the coronet band
– Sold as a set of two

Looking for a matching fly mask?

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